I want to paint beautiful things. I want my paintings to remind you that beauty often resides in the tiniest corners and in the simplest of circumstances. I want you to experience a moment of wonder that so simple an object as a pudding cup, a bird's nest, a rusty bucket of daffodils, or an old tabletop covered with apples and grapes can be beautiful. For me, painting is actually seeing what I am looking at, knowing it intimately. To capture the wetness of an eye, the distortion of glass, reflections in brass, the fragility of an Iris, the down of a feather..............is just a wonderful way to really see the world.

I am primarily a self-taught artist.  I've worked in watercolor, oil, and silver point but I feel I became a serious painter when I discovered the medium of pastel.  I love that you hold the pastel in your hands, no brush or tool between you and the color, that is very heady stuff.